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Gethsemane Gospel Church is situated in Wattala, the outskirts of Colombo. Although the church began with 30 members, church has grown immensely. Now it is a dynamic and growing community of Christian believers: more than 10,000 people are members and around 800 people attend the Sunday morning, which holds 4 services consecutively. The congregation consists of people of all ages, but includes a large number of young families.

Our Sunday Worship at 6am, 8am ( Tamil / Sinhala)
11am( English) and 5pm (Sinhala)

Presently, Gethsemane Gospel church has 65 branches on its own, 100 full Time Pastor and 250 co-workers serving under the guidance of Rev.Anton Rajamani.

The Pastor’s strong vision is to raise a church that is enriched with the teaching of the word of God, move members to disciples and plant churches in the many areas that are not yet evangelized in Sri Lanka and abroad.

Our Vision

GGC Vision for 2020
  • 5000 Members
  • Church Building for 5000 People
  • 20 Branch Churches
  • 20 Full – time Workers
  • Missionaries for other countries
  • Bible School
  • Prayer Tower
  • Reach – out Sri Lanka through Music Ministry
  • Praise and Worship Teams
  • Employment for Christians
  • An Orphanage
  • Social Work
  • Audio Video Ministry

This church facilitates many programs and services to carry the Gospel message to unreached. In order fulfill the great commission, Gethsemane Gospel Church organizes camps for all age groups, revival meetings and outreach programs all around Sri Lanka, through the ministries mentioned above. In order to accommodate its current activities and to more effectively serve the community, the Church strives to expand the building. With this building project the leadership aims to: provide welcoming access for all users; offer increased room and office space for church programmes and community events; and create a meeting place for community groups and church-based outreach activities.

The church also has taken the initiative to establish an orphanage. This is done with a primary purpose to provide a Christian environment for the abused, neglected and abandoned children. At present there are 8 children.

The General Objects

  • Hold regular Christian worship, devotional and public meetings and conferences, lectures, Bible Study, Christian Ministry, Teenage Ministry, Women’s Ministry, Elder’s Ministry, Exhibitions and Classes in order to promote foster and to protect the message of Jesus Christ;
  • License and ordain Ministers, Pastors of Gethsemane Gospel Church and missionaries for the furtherance of the message of Lord Jesus Christ in Sri Lanka.
  • Establish maintain and conduct suitable Branches and organizations in Sri Lanka and elsewhere for the furtherance of the message of Lord Jesus Christ.
  • Establish, maintain and conduct missions to promote the furtherance of Gethsemane Gospel Church in Sri Lanka and elsewhere according to the rules promulgated by the Board of Directors of the corporation.
  • Promote, foster and protect the interests of the believers of Gethsemane Gospel Church in Sri Lanka and to safeguard the rights and the privileges of such persons.
  • Establish Branch Churches and religious organizations for the dissemination and propagation of Gethsemane Gospel Church in Sri Lanka subject to the rules of the corporation for the benefit of the man kind and other Social and Religious Institutions.
  • Carry out, assist, supervise undertake charitable, Welfare centers and human development projects in conformity of the message of Lord Jesus Christ.
  • Establish own and operate Bible College of collegiate grade and of any grade less than such grade, Training centers, orphanages, hospitals, Elders Homes and Camp side.y
  • Do all such acts and things as may be deemed reasonably necessary and conducive to the positive advancement of mankind through the teachings and practice of the Gospel of Lord Jesus Christ..
  • Do all such other things as are incidentally or conducive to the attainment of the above objects